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SatinGlobal is a highly innovative South African based financial services group dedicated to providing personalised investments and financial solutions and offer a variety of specialist financial and investment skills, services and products.

We act as independent agents, advisors, intermediaries, portfolio managers and facilitators in various roles, but never as principal. We represent banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, international corporations, trusts and funds both locally and abroad.

Our business is dedicated to the provision of superior financial products, services and structures to optimise wealth creation, enhancement and preservation. Our experience and expertise allow us to be leaders in financial product development and investment solutions.

SatinGlobal is an authorised financial services provider registered with the Financial Services Board #14466

SatinGlobal Wealth Management offers personal and private service in the areas of investment, retirement, banking, money market and savings on an individual or group basis.

We believe that any amount of money deserves the same service and adopt the approach of creating, growing and preserving wealth while designing solutions around each client.

Our regular review programme ensures that our investors are kept to date with investment performance and trends while each person's own unique circumstances dictate the plan, market exposure and timelines required to meet their objectives, goals and dreams.

As our world is filled with change, fluctuating markets and volatility we understand that this demands a pro-active approach in all of these areas to ensure that each strategy is monitored and kept finely tuned along the way.


Park Lane Suite,
9 Park Lane,
St Georges Park,
Port Elizabeth

Tel: +27 (0)872 310 444


Taxation comes in many forms and while we have the dreaded annual return to complete this is by far the least troubling in the big picture. The now onerous Capital Gains Tax, Dividends Tax and Estate Taxes and Duties demand careful planning. We are able to assist in developing a strategy for you.

Offshore investments have, in many cases, come with high costs and often tied up for long periods with unpleasant exit fees and penalties. It is our belief that these investments remain flexible and have the ability change as and when markets or investment strategy movements become necessary. We are able to re-structure offshore portfolios at minimal costs and provide a solution which, going forward, are cost effective, flexible, accessible and provide for effective reporting / transparency.

When it comes to investing there are many options available. At SatinGlobal we are able to offer a wide range of investment options from Shares / ETF's / Unit Trusts to Money Market / Call Accounts and everything in between. We also take into account your risk preferences, income and growth needs as well as your tax and personal circumstances in order to provide a holistic Investment Solution.

We cannot highlight enough, the importance of having an up to date will in place and to take into account the tax and duty implications of our estates. It is important that we plan now to avoid possible cash flow problems and allow for the correct timing of tax and duty liabilities.

We are able to offer a full range of Life, Disability, Critical Illness and Income Protection Cover. This can be done on an individual or group / business basis, depending on your needs. Everybody needs to have some form of cover and we recommend a full needs analysis to determine amount and type of cover required.

Business insurance is critical for all forms of businesses and enterprises and should not be taken lightly. Full and comprehensive risk analysis should be taken on each business and all forms of cover should be considered to protect the assets, liabilities and continuity of the business as well as the offsetting of day to day operating risks.